Popular Solar Lights

Arm Light

(Replaces yard light)

The new SWL-07 is a small yard light and part of the new Tucano Series that is big on brightness for it’s 1200 lumens. It works automatically from dusk to dawn as a dim light with PIR motion detection for brighter light for 30 seconds, this will operate for up to 6 nights allowing for cloudy days. Easy installed onto a wall or pole the light is ‘all in one’ which has an integrated solar panel. The included remote control allows for dim/mode adjustment.
Metal construction with a 3 yr warranty

Popular uses include: farm gates, yard security light, farms courtyards, paths and driveways.

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Mini Security Light

SWL-11 – Security and wall light

This small light can sit unobtrusively on a wall, fence or gutter and when fully activated with the motion sensor can light up to 50m2 with an impressive 1000 lumens. The integrated solar panel keeps the lithium battery charged with free and clean power from the sun. Perfect as a security light or path/wall light.

One button allows you to switch between three lighting modes
M1: 0% light + 100% light when PIR activated
M2: 20 lumens light + 100% light when PIR activated
M3: 20 lumens of light all night
Easy DIY installation
12 mth warranty

Farm gate Light (Solaris series)

This popular light is an updated version of the former ‘classic series’ a small and durable light. Available as 1000 lumens (10w) or 2000 lumens (20w).  It is widely used as a ‘farm gate light’ and an ‘entrance light’ where modest reliable lighting is needed. ‘The Farm Gate Light’ come with a generous 3 year warranty.  With 7+ nights running time on a single charge it makes an ideal ‘set and forget’ light.  Ideal for pathways too.

Features: Tough metal construction, auto on/off, 2 operation modes, pole or wall mountable