Solar Lighting

Public Space lighting

Our ‘Public Space Lighting’ includes solar lighting for street lights, outdoor seating areas, public thoroughfares, public and commercial carparks and much more.  .

Multi Purpose Lighting

 Our ‘Multi Purpose ‘ lights are easily fitted as DIY and can be used for both commercial and private applications, these include mini flood/work lights, step/path lights and personal access doors (PA)

Popular Solar Lights

Our range of ‘Popular Solar Lights’ can be used in a variety of applications for use on the Farm, at home or business and can be used to light up farm gates/entrances, bbq areas, animal pens and general security. This range can vary from time to time depending on availability


Frequently Asked Questions

In Australia north facing is the best position to obtain maximum sunshine on solar panels integrated or stand alone, the same as you see on many rooftop solar systems. If north is not possible between north and west can be sufficient in many cases, flat face straight up can also work but east ir south is not recommended.

TRY AND KEEP SOLAR PANELS AWAY FROM SHADY AREAS- the can affect battery charging.


YES in most applications* but care must be taken when working on ladders and from heights, if not sure try a local handyman.

*Large street lights and roof mounted systems may need professional installation.

All our lights use quality lithium-ion batteries and warranty can vary from one year to three years depending on the model purchased.

At this stage we do not offer an online store, we do hope to gradually make solar lights available directly online and may have some specials available from time to time.  Please contact us by phone or email or you can request a quote online from us where will email or post you a written quote.

If purchasing from us at a show we accept most credit cards and PayPal onsite.

Our emailed invoices have bank transfer information on them and also online payments available through PayPal where most cards are accepted or you can use your PayPal account.

We attend many shows and field days in Victoria and Southern NSW including caravan and leisure shows on the Shedfast sites. Please watch the website for our next event or visit . Some acceptions can be made between shows by appointment in Maryborough, Vic.